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Heavy Lifting Service Provider

KYE Heavy Machinery Sdn Bhd is a reputable lifting service provider that delivers professional and first-rate heavy lifting and haulage solutions in Malaysia. Our core business operations consist of four major segments, which are Crane Rental, General Haulage, Crane Repair and Trading.

KYE Heavy Machinery

Why Choose Us?

From civil projects to oil and gas companies, we combine our highest quality machines with professional lifting planner and crane operators to maximise work efficiency and success.

Safety-Oriented Culture

At KYE Heavy Machinery, a culture of safety is deeply ingrained in our people and all that we do. We provide our clients with peace of mind, no matter how difficult the lifting. Our competent crane operators are certified and recognised by JKKP and CIDB with at least five years of on-site experience. Additionally, our state-of-the-art fleet has a full-service record while meeting the high standards and requirements for refinery plants.

Comprehensive Lift-Planning

KYE Heavy Machinery provides more than just cranes. We also provide on-site survey and consultation from our experienced lift planners. Hence, clients are thoroughly informed of the lifting operation and have the assurance of safety. We deliver the ideal solution by selecting the most-suited crane unit for every project while also helping our clients to save cost and time.

24-Hours Technical Support

When renting from KYE Heavy Machinery, every project is supported by a breakdown-response team to handle any accidental or unpredictable events during work. From mechanics to electricians, we have one of the most experienced and professional support team in the industry to repair on-site breakdowns in the shortest time.

KYE Heavy Machinery

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